Oct 102014

The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus proudly announces the theme for their 2015 Mardi Gras Parade… Chewbacchus 2015: “The Cult of the Sacred Drunken Wookiee”!

No longer content to be just the greatest Science Fiction and Fantasy themed parade organization in the galaxy, the Krewe of nearly 1,000 members has transformed itself into a full-fledged satirical space cult. The conceptual masterminds who push the buttons behind the scenes have worked logistical and legal wonders. Chewbacchus is now classified as a 501c3 charitable and benevolent religious organization. The Krewe is also offering the opportunity to become an Ordained ChewbacchanALIEN Minister on their website. The ordainments are totally legitimate and grant the legal right to officiate at weddings and other religious ceremonies. Several Chewbacchus weddings are already scheduled in the coming weeks.

Is it a joke taken to the extreme? Maybe. It’s also all 100% real and true. Chewbacchus is now a religion.

To this end, the 2015 Chewbacchus Parade on February 7th, 2015 will be a religious procession featuring a 10 foot tall multi-armed Wookiee god on a throne. There will be no royalty, no kings or queens. The Sacred Drunken Wookiee himself will be the centerpiece of this years Chewbacchus festivities. There will, however, be several surprise celebrity guests in this years parade who will be honored as the “Popes of Chewbacchus”.

The Krewe is kicking off their season of activities with a party celebrating the release of their brand new sacred text, a 42 page coloring book featuring krewe-sourced drawings, poems and jokes. The official book release party for “The Book of the Wook: The Chewbacchus Coloring Book and Guide to the Cult of the Sacred Drunken Wookiee” will be on Friday, November 7th at 9pm at the Krewe’s brand new headquarters and “church”, Castillo Blanco at 4321 Saint Claude Avenue in the Bywater. The event will feature live music from many of the amazing musicians and musical acts who are part of the wild, wooly world of Chewbacchus including the Browncoat Brass Band and several special guests.

The Book of the Wook Release Party and Chewbacchus Season Kickoff is also the Grand Opening of Castillo Blanco, one of the most exciting new additions to the Bywater’s creative community. This 7,000 square foot multi-disciplinary creative space features a contemporary Art Gallery, the Mardi Gras prop showroom of Royal Artists Inc., the operations office of Secret Moonbase Productions LLC. and the studio of conceptual artist Ryan S. Ballard, in addition to the new Den of the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus.

Event Details: Book of the Wook Release Party and Chewbacchus Season Kickoff

Where: Castillo Blanco, 4321 Saint Claude Ave., NOLA 70117

When: Friday, November 7th, 2014

Jun 232014

It’s official.  The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus is NOT just a Science Fiction themed Mardi Gras Parade Organization… We are also a satirical Space Cult!  We celebrate a timeless form of divine revelry.  Our ritual is to parade thru the streets of New Orleans each Carnival Season dispensing the blessings of the Sacred Drunken Wookiee!

For just $42 you can become an Ordained Minister in the Cult of the Sacred Drunken Wookiee!

Your ordination package includes:

  • An official ChewbacchanALIEN Ministers Card
  • Credentials of Ministry
  • Certification as a Wedding Officiant
  • Chewbacchus Marriage Certificate
  • Letter of Good Standing in the Space Cult

You will be added to the roster of Ordained ChewbacchanALIEN Ministers and invited to march in the pseudo-religious procession at the front of the 2015 Chewbacchus Parade in celebration of our all new muti-armed Sacred Drunken Wookiee Golden Effigy!

In addition your Chewbacchus ordination materials will enable you to preside over legal marriage ceremonies and other religious rituals:

Simply fill out a copy of the Orleans Parish Marriage Officiant Application and get it Notarized.

Then register as a religious officiant by submitting all of these materials to:

The Office of the State Registrar of Vital Records

1450 Poydras Street

Suite 400

New Orleans, LA 70112

For more information on the process of registering as a marriage officiant please visit the website of the Louisiana Department of Health and Human Services.


If you reside outside of the City of New Orleans, please check with your local authorities to determine your regional requirements.  They may vary slightly state to state but are typically very similar to the requirements outlined here.


Becoming an Ordained ChewbacchanALIEN Minister does not replace or superceed a membership in the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus.  You must also pay your yearly membership dues of $42 if you want to roll, march, wiggle or dance in the Chewbacchus Parade.

Ready to join our Satirical Space Cult?  Buy your Chewbacchus Ordination Package HERE.

Production time on Ordination Packages is approx 10 business days.  You’ll receive your goodies in the mail via USPS.


The Ordination Process to Become a ChewbacchanALIEN Minister is open to anyone.

1. Simply click on the Chewbacchus Ordination Package product.

You will be asked to enter a “password” to proceed.

2. Type in the correct response to this question:

What is the Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything?

…and you will be able to add the Ordination Package to your shopping cart and purchase it to complete the ordination process.


Jun 232014

We will soon be moving the Krewe of Chewbacchus into an awesome new Den space at Castillo Blanco that will include an incredible “SPACE Sanctuary” complete with Magic Mirrors and a Sensory Deprivation Tank! Please dontate to our Kickstarter project now in exchange for discounted time in the Float Tank and other amazing rewards!


Not sure if Sensory Deprivation is for you? Think it might be too intense/scary?

It’s actually one of the most relaxing things you will ever do. Here are a couple quotes about the experience:

“It is as if my soul took a bath.”

“A do not disturb sign for the soul. Blissful silence.”

Many people say one hour in the tank feels like a full nights sleep! Donate to our cause and help make the new Den of Chewbacchus an even more incredible place!

Feb 212014

Check in for the parade is from 3-6pm. Be at the lineup no later than 7pm. We roll promptly at 8pm.

Contraptions can be dropped off at the Den after the parade. Then head directly to the Chewbacchanal at the Trash Palace, 2121 Charters Street.

The Den and Trash Palace will be open on Sunday for clean up and contraption pick up from 12noon – 4pm. Abandoned contraptions and bicycles will be exterminated and left outside in Architects Alley for the whims of fate.


Jan 222014

Chewbacchus Parade and Chewbacchanal PRESS RELEASE

The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus presents it’s 4th Annual Carnival Parade on Saturday, February 22nd, 2014.  The greatest homemade Science Fiction & Fantasy themed Krewe in the known Universe will once again march through the streets of the Faubourg Marigny dispensing the blessings of the “Sacred Drunken Wookiee” to the enthusiastic masses!

This years Chewbacchus Parade will be bigger and better than ever.  The Krewe has grown to be over 700 marching members strong.  This years parade also features an incredible lineup of over 50 homemade parade contraptions and a dozen of the best brass bands from New Orleans and beyond.

Chewbacchus is celebrating all things Star Trek this year with the theme “Wrath of Khan-ival” and this years parade will feature the all new “Barship Enterprise” as well as Red Shirt Royalty chosen randomly via King Cake from the Krewes own group of hardworking volunteer parade escorts, and a Warp Corps Dance Team.

Other notable new additions for 2014 include:

  • A group of nearly 100 “Rolling Elliots” on bicycles in Red Hoodies with E.T.s in their bike baskets.
  • The Kaiju Flambeaux Corps featuring a giant steel Mecha-Gator that will put on a Flame FX show on the 1st few blocks of the route (pending NOFD approval).
  • Space Commander Chewbaccacabra’s amazing new Lunar Party Rover.

… and much much MORE!

The Krewe of Chewbacchus is open to anyone and the krewe dues are only $42.

Lineup and Pre-Party will be at the corner of St. Ferdinand and N. Peters Street. The Den will be open from 3pm – 7pm for Contraption & Costume Pick Up and Coordination.

The Parade heads up Frenchmen Street, before stopping at the Hi-Ho Lounge for a Royalty Toast and Bathroom Break.  Chewbacchus then winds thru the neighborhood past Mimi’s in the Marigny and ends back at the Den.

The Krewe will then walk to the Trash Palace, 2121 Chartres for the greatest Chewbacchanal ever, featuring:

  • Gypsyphonic Disko
  • Dead Music Capital Brass Band
  • Louisiana Laptop Orchestra
  • Browncoat Brass Band

The Post-Chewbacchanal will be hosted at Maison Frenchmen from 2am onward.

The Chewbacchanal is FREE for Krewe Members

$15 to the Public. $10 for those in Costume.

More info, route map and details on joining the Krewe can be found at: www.chewbacchus.org

Jan 152014



Since our inception four years ago, the Overlords of Chewbacchus have been massively successful at securing celebrity royalty for our parades and events.  Last year we achieved the conceptual and thematic Holy Grail of “Chewbacchus-specific celebrity royalty” by honoring Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca himself, as the King of Chewbacchus 2013.


Been there.  Done that.  Nailed it.


This year Chewbacchus will do something radically different and totally innovative.  Instead of parodying the model of contemporary super-krewes and paying homage to a “celebrity”, we are invoking one of the most ancient sacred principals of Carnival… Total Social Inversion.  We will pay tribute to one of the oldest rituals of ancient Roman Revelry.  During the Feasts of Saturnalia the masters of the house would serve their servants.  The King would be free to act the Fool.  And the servant would have his chance to be the King.


We promised you “Star Trek” Royalty, and we are going to deliver…


Instead of honoring a celebrity who probably already spends their whole life getting treated like a demigod, the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus will pay homage to the brave Everyman of the Star Trek Universe, the loyal ensigns who frequently perished in the course of their duties… the Red Shirts!


This year we will honor our own hard-working, loyal and dedicated Parade Escorts by randomly selecting one of our own Parade Escort “Red Shirts” to be the King of Chewbacchus 2014!  At the Red Shirt Orientation Meeting before the Parade we will hide a Wookiee in the King Cake.  The Red Shirt that finds it will receive ALL of the honors and privileges due to Mardi Gras Royalty!  We will host a dinner in their honor and crown them King of Chewbacchus.  They will be showered with handmade gifts and the love and affection of the Krewe!  They will ride the Falcon Throne during the parade with their Royal Consort and a special surprise guest…


Mewbaca.  The Himalayan Cat with a Photoshopped Bandolier who has taken over the Internet this week…?  Yep.  Thats the one.


By celebrating the Kingship of the random Redshirt, we honor ALL Redshirts!  The worker bee shall be the Queen (or King, or whatever) for the Day!



Oct 232013

11/06/13: Bandolier Workshop @ Cryptoknight’s Castle

11/13/13: Open Build Night 6-9pm @ Den of Muses #1

12/04/13: Glass Pendants & Stickers Workshop @ Chateau Branan

12/11/13: Open Build Night 6-9pm @ Den of Muses #2

12/18/13: Open Build Night 6-9pm @ Den of Muses #3

01/08/14: DIY Pillowcase Throw Bag Workshop @ The Hold of Brian Held

01/15/14: Open Build Night 6-9pm @ Den of Muses #4

01/22/14: Open Build Night 6-9pm @ Den of Muses #5

01/25/14: Set Your Phasers To Stunning @ The Howlin Wolf

01/29/14: Open Build Night 6-9pm @ Den of Muses #6

02/01/14: Throw Swap Meet @ Cryptoknight’s Castle

02/05/14: Open Build Night 6-9pm @ Den of Muses #7

02/07/14 – 02/09/14: Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans

02/07/14: All-Nerd Rock-A-Thon @ The Howlin Wolf

02/12/14: Open Build Night 6-9pm @ Den of Muses #8

02/19/14: Open Build Night 6-9pm @ Den of Muses #9

02/22/14: The Chewbacchus Parade and Chewbacchanal

Aug 192013

The wildest band of freaks and geeks in the known Universe continues to expand their mission to “Save the Galaxy One Drunken Nerd at a Time”.  Now in their fourth year, The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus has grown exponentially and expects to roll with approximately 800 members in their 2014 Mardi Gras parade.  They have also grown conceptually beyond being exclusively devoted to Science Fiction and now embrace all aspects of fandom including Fantasy and Horror… sort of like a mobile drunken version of Comic Con.

But true to their Sci-Fi roots, Chewbacchus will celebrate Star Trek in all its nerdy glory during Carnival 2014.  They plan to roll again in the Marigny neighborhood on Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 with the theme “The Wrath of Khan-ival”.  An incredible fully-functional Barship Enterprise will be this year’s signature contraption.  Expect to see lots of other clever Star Trek tributes by the superlatively creative members of the most ambitious DIY krewe in the multiverse.

Apr 222013

We are looking for art that celebrates fandom in all its glory for our upcoming exhibition at the Big Top. Submit your best pop culture mash-ups and let your inner nerd shine. This Call for Entries is OPEN to ALL artists working in ANY medium, including video. Enter your masterpiece now and be a part of the greatest art show in the Western spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

This show will be juried by the Overlords of Chewbacchus and the Board of the Big Top.

There are FABULOUS Wookiee-centric prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners (as well as a People’s Choice award) provided by our good friends at Think Geek!


• Theme: Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror/Comics/Gaming/Etc. If it is Chewbacchus relevant, submit it!
• Art must be ready to hang
• All work must be For Sale: Artist will receive 50% of all sales, 40% will go to the Big Top Gallery, 10% will go to Chewbacchus – Please factor this into your pricing
• All work must be relatively kid friendly
• Sculpture must be wall mounted or ready to hang from ceiling – NO freestanding work
• Video submissions can be no longer than 15 minutes

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Send the following information to: chewbacchusartshow@gmail.com
• Email up to 2 images per entry in JPEG format
• Post Video Entries on YouTube and email us the link for consideration
• Artist Name
• Title of Work
• Media
• Size
• Retail Price
• Forward a copy of your receipt from Paypal showing your paid entry fee ($5 per entry)

ENTRY FEES: must be paid via the Chewbacchus Store or can be sent via PayPal to: sales@chewbacchus.org by the submission deadline, June 14, 2013.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, June 14th, 2013 @ Midnight

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, July 13th, 2013

CLOSING RECEPTION: Saturday, July 27th, 2013

For more information about this Open Call & the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus, LLC. contact:
Kirah Haubrich – Overlord Di Lithium Crystal Hot Sauce

For information on the Big Top NOLA contact:
Nicole Brant-Zawadzki: – Executive Director

Free Shipping on All Orders! Customer Service = sales@chewbacchus.org • Membership Questions = membership@chewbacchus.org