Open Build @ the Den


Come on out and meet your fellow ChewbacchanALIENS!

Build a classic bandolier or develop all new designs for our original handmade Chewbacchus Throws!

These Wednesday night workshops are your chance to get involved with the krewe and build throws, work on your costume, or even assemble your very own amazing parade contraptions and props.

If you’ve got the shop skills you can even get involved with Chewbaccacabra’s Flying Saucer Development Corps and lend a hand with the Millennium Falcon contraption we are building to carry the Mayhews!

The Den is located in an wonderful warehouse behind Mardi Gras Zone Supermarket @ 39 Architects Alley, 1/2 block riverside of Royal Street, between Port and St. Ferdinand.

Bring projects that you want to work on.  We have a lot of tools and experience.  Be prepared to get messy.  Come ready to have fun.

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