Krewe of the Living Dead (KOLD)

Krewe of the Living Dead

The Krewe of the Living Dead (KOLD) rose from their grave in 2011 as a stumbling horde of drunken zombies, hellbent on chaos and total slaves to consumption, with no end in sight. 2017 will be Krewe of the Living Dead’s 5th year since joining as the first horror-themed sub-krewe in the Cult of the Sacred Drunken Wookiee. KOLD’s theme for Chewbacchus 2017 will be “SubHumanoid Street Trash from the Neon Wasteland,” a homage to 1980’s straight to VHS horror/sci-fi camp. Goopy-neon-mutant-undead-post-apocalyptic-freaks. RADICAL!!!

KOLD is also partnered with The NOLA Horror Film Festival in a diabolical effort to bring the darkest of nightmares to the horror-geeks of New Orleans. The film fest takes place at Castillo Blanco Art Studios annually in September. Find out more @

If you have any questions or wish to join our horde of mutant freaks contact Richard Riggs @ or Charles Lucia @

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