Parade Escorts

Join the Red Shirt Rebellion!

Join the Redshirt Rebellion

Welcome Fellow Chubes! Welcome to the Redshirts parade escort and volunteer team for Chewbacchus 2019, “Space Farce” Parade on Saturday, February 9, 2019.

Redshirts are hard-working parade escorts and are ESSENTIAL to the success of Chewbacchus. The mission of the Redshirts is to guard the perimeter of the krewe and assist with route coordination while we march through the frenzied crowds. A special detail is also assigned to protect the celebrity royalty. In addition, if something breaks down, our Redshirts are there to help push, pull, pedal and/or maneuver the injured human/alien or parade contraption to safety.

This year, all Redshirts will be supplied with:

  • Redshirt t-shirt
  • Droid collar (aka wristband) which grants you free access to the Chewbacchanal (must fulfill your duties as a Redshirt the day of the parade)
  • Beer and water
  • Digital copy of up-to-date map of the parade route, which will include Observer placement
  • Digital copy of sub-krewe placement

Two Ways to Play:

Join for Free:As of 2019, all Redshirts are non-paying members. Basically, for volunteering your services during the parade–even to a specific SubKrewe–you get into the afterparty at no cost. You must serve the mother krewe in these ways:

Requirements – Please assist with the following:

Time and talent prior to and on the day of the parade, including:

  • Parade day set up
  • Trash bin set up
  • Barricade team
  • Lineup Corral Controller (which entails holding a sign in one-hour increments and helping sub-krewes find their placement in the parade; each Redshirt will be supplied with a correct sub-krewe placement list)
  • Droid collar (wristband) check prior to line up and during the parade

Note: You must remain reasonably sober during the parade, but can relax and party down at the Chewbacchanal (we have actual “real” paid security at the party).

We are looking for a few foolishly brave beings. If you think you’ve got what it takes, then please sign up below to be a part of the security team!

You’ll be added to the Redshirt Rebellion Facebook group once approved.

All Hail Our Sacred Drunken Wookiee!

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