Parade Escorts


Join the Red Shirt Rebellion!


The Red Shirt Rebellion is Chewbacchus’ parade escort team.

These hard working parade escorts are ESSENTIAL to the success of Chewbacchus.  The mission of the Red Shirts is to guard the perimeter of the krewe and assist with route coordination while we march through the frenzied crowds.  A special detail is also assigned to protect the celebrity royalty.  In addition if something breaks down or the Redshirts are there to help push, pull, pedal and/or manuver the injured human/alien or parade contraption to safety.

Redshirts get to march in the parade and attend the Chewbacchanal for FREE and there is always a free keg stashed for them somewhere at the party!

You must remain resonably sober during the parade, but can relax and party down at the Chewbacchanal (we have actual “real” paid security at the party).

We are looking for a few foolishly brave beings.  If you think you’ve got what it takes, then please contact the Captain of the Redshirt Rebellion and sign up to be a part of the security team by emailing:

The Red Shirt Rebellion also has a Facebook Group to aid in recruitment and coordination.  CLICK HERE to go there…


The Red Shirt Rebellion is made possible through the generosity and support of:

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