InVaders are the awesome and only exclusively DARK SIDE of the FORCE sub-krewe of the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus. Darth Vader leads us and is joined by Sith Lords, stormtroopers, and those who serve the Galactic Empire.

We proudly parade with a TIE fighter that carries our loot (including some memorable throws), plus our sound system. We even have a roaming Death Star.

2017 will be bigger and better! Be sure to join our Facebook group and follow us on Instagram. If you’re interested in joining this sub-krewe, we’d love to hear from you, and the sooner the better, while we are still in the planning phase for 2017. We expect to amplify our current sound system, re-conceive our TIE fighter, and possibly add an AT-AT. Welcome to the Dark Side!

Contact: Charlotte Livingston Piotrowski

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