ThunderFace Krewe


The ThunderFace Krewe consists of myself, Jimmy Luttrell, my wife Rachel, and whatever friends we can convince to join us each year. Last year we built a mobile tiki bar, complete with kegerator, and 6 floating seats, which we paraded through the marigny on Mardi Gras day. However, we have our sights set on something a bit grander this year. We are planning on having a Peter Pan theme, and building an 18ft Pirate ship. We already have a Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Tiger Lily, and Tinker Bell and are currently recruiting pirates, lost boys, and natives. We hope to have 10-15 people march with us in total. My wife and I are already members of the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus and are hoping to march in your parade as well as Mardi Gras day this year.

Contact: Jimmy Luttrell

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