Dance Team

The VaJar Jar Binks… and the Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders

Chewbacchus Dance Team

Chewbacchus has its own amazing co-ed dance team (in the vein of the PussyFooters, Camel Toe Lady Steppers, Muff-alettas, the 610 Stompers, etc.) who march in the Chewbacchus Parade!

The VaJar Jars are Awesome, Sexy, Amazing, and Hilarious.  And they have the best banner of any group in the parade.  And a Millenium Falcon mobile PA system.  Really, do I need to say more?

If you are interested in joining please contact the Queen of the VaJarJarBinks, Andree Arendt or join the VaJar Jar Binks Facebook group for updates.

VaJar Jar
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