We’ve Got Your Number: SubKrewe Lineup

All right, you glorious nerd herd, here’s your Chewbacchus 2018 line-up information.
Press Street will be blocked off at 5:00pm, so until then, we have to keep the street clear. If you’re there before 5:00, please stay off the street or to the train track side.
We’ll be lining up contraptions by zones on the train track side of Press. Please bring your contraptions during your assigned window (below) to make this as smooth as possible for every Krewe member. Your entire SubKrewe does not need to arrive during your assigned zoned time, but definitely get your contraptions in there. Zones and times are:
3 pm
Zone A – Chartres to Royal – Positions 1-17
Zone B – Royal to Dauphine – Positions 18-33
4 pm
Zone C – Dauphine to Burgundy – Positions 34-49
Zone D – Burgundy to Rampart – Positions 50-65
5 pm
Zone E – Rampart to St. Claude – Positions 66-83
Zone F – Rampart to St. Claude, NOT train track side, Position 84, Day of Registrations
Zone Special – Chartres and Press – BORG and MIB
Check-in will be located at Press and Dauphine. Do NOT bring your contraptions to the check-in tent, and the fewer people you can send, the better. You can get directions, maps of line-up and parade, and pay dues if needed, and then report that back to your SubKrewes.
There will be signs and Redshirts — look for your zone and number. If the numbers are lower than yours, keep moving back until you find yours, even if that means leaving empty space in front of you. Please do not make a SubKrewe with a lower number squeeze into lineup in front of you, causing a domino effect of pissed-off nerds backwards.
If you do not have a lineup number or if you register the day of the parade, go to Zone F. Once the front of the parade has gone, you will fall in behind. BORG + MIB will be the last 2 SubKrewes. A map of this is coming, and will definitely be available on parade day. See the map below of our route, which includes Press Street, where we’ll be lined up.
Beyond that, remember: it’s chaos; be kind. Also, please be respectful of our neighbors and do not park/pee/have sex/ritually sacrifice anything on their lawns. Thank you and…
1 STOMP Troopers
2 Leijorettes
3 Delorean Royalty
4 Devotees of the Golden Wookiee
5 Wookiee Shrine
6 Utopian Elopians
7 Apollo 42
8 Bar2D2
9 Brown Coat Brass Band/Companionettes
10 Death Star Steppers
11 InVaders
12 Sith Happens
13 Galactic Senate
14 610 Wampas
15 Alien Stripper Pole
17 Pirogue One
18 Pink Wookiee Possee
19 Taun Taun Roulez
20 Barship Enterprise
22 Gigergeist
23 Dead Music
25 LA Ghostbusters
26 Rosemary’s King Cake Baby
28 Sharknado
29 Sewerage and Waterworld
30 Mythical Creatures
31 Mischief Managed
32 NOLA Library
33 Lillith’s Brood
35 Tumblers
36 Cuties
37 Space Cats
38 Wonder Women
39 Avatarlicious
40 Brainiacs & All For One Brass
41 Annunnaki Steppers
42 Metatron
43 Rolling Elliots
44 Uranus
45 Chaos
46 Epsilon Rho Rho
47 Spice Boys
48 Smegheads
49 Space Cowboys
50 Starlord
51 Sensuous Sisters of Veltros
52 Krewe du Moon
53 Krewe of Ooo
54 Pedicab Ninjas
55 Lagniappe
56 Dude
57 Back to the Fuschia
58 Game Krewb
59 Honey, I Blew Up the King Cake Babies
60 Upside Down
61 Black Mirror
62 Krewe du WHO
63 Kokomo
64 Resistance
65 Jedi Order
66 Saintly Squadron
67 Mystery Science
68 Illuminaughties
69 Heavenly Bodies
70 Afrofuturists
71 Robot Pigs Drumline
72 Disco Droids
73 Dystopian Paradise
74 Cirque Du Force
75 Cernunos
76 Space Studio
77 Bacchus Juice
78 Awoux
79 Batebunda
80 Interrobang
81 NOLA Nightlights
82 Space Vikings
83 Seuss
85 Everybody else (not a sub-krewe name – everyone else who signs up the day of or missed sub-krewe registration deadline, etc.)
87 MIB

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