Set Your Phasers To Stunning 2017: Chewbacchus’ Got Talent

by Melissa Raulston on January 9, 2017

The Annual Chewbacchus Fashion/Variety/Talent Show and Costume Competition, Set Your Phasers to Stunning, is back! Anything goes! Want to paint your self pink and hula hoop? Sing a ballad about The Doctor? Dance like a fool to your favorite song? If you can think it, do it! Don’t worry if you do have an idea of what to perform but have an amazing costume. Strutting your stuff to a song is still totally acceptable. We have prizes in multiple categories, including Costume, Talent and Best in Show. This year will be in in the concept of America’s Got Talent. Each Judge will have a Death Star. Get 3 Death Stars and the Sacred Drunken Wookiee will Rapture you off the stage! Sign up by filling out the form from the link below


When:    1/14/2017

Where:    Castillo Blanco

How much:    $10/$5 in costume

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