We are dark SITH LORDS, both of the Old Empire, expanded universe and Movie canon. Sinister figures in black cloaks and Ignited Red Lightsabers stalk the parade route for enemies of the Empire.

We also plan to include Jedi, Bounty Hunters (Boba Fett or an original character), smugglers, Storm Troopers, members of the Rebel Alliance, etc. Any Star Wars character and costume is acceptable.

We only have two rules:

1. That you pay your dues as a member of Chewbacchus.
2. That if you have a lightsaber, it is ignitable, and is not a plastic toy.

Our contraption is an 8 ft tall SITH Holocron, though we welcome anyone interested in participating as a Jedi or Republic Rebel to design their own contraption.

Contact: Scott Simmons

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