Costumes and Throws

Costume Advice

Don’t Panic. Just be awesome. Join the Facebook Group devoted to costumes, crafts and throws for inspiration and help.

A List of Our Favorite Suppliers…

Amazing Faux Furs:

EL Wire:

Casting Plastic, Rubber, and Resin:

Note: If you live in the South get your Smooth On materials from:

Animatronic Components and Interactive Devices:

Electronics Kits:

Electronic Components:

Circuit Bending Basics/Kits:

Portable Rechargable Battery Solutions:

Kick Ass Bicycle Parts:

Incredible Bicycle Wheel Lights:

12V LED Lighting Modules:

More LED Systems:

High Power Electric Hub Motor Systems for Bicycles:

Any and All Eyeball Related Toys, Gizmos, Junk:

Discount Costumes and Accessories:


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