Parade FAQ

The BacchanALIENs Guide to Chewbacchus


  How can I become a member of the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus?

  Pay your $42 yearly membership dues via Paypal, credit card, cash, or check and you will be added to the Krewe roster and Chewbacchanal guest list. That’s all you gotta do. ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSES MONDAY, FEB 18thth at 11:59PM. If you don’t register by then, you’ll have to pay CASH ONLY on the day of the parade and with the Procrastination Fee, it’ll be $60 total day of the parade. Get On Board the Mothership by 2/18 or literally, PAY THE PRICE FOR PROCRASTINATION! .

You WILL NOT receive a membership card or a magic decoder ring or a personal visit from the Overlords, so quit asking and chill out. You will be on the krewe list and will check-in and receive a wristband (AKA Droid Collar). Just show up in an awesome costume.

  How do I get my Droid Collar? What if I am teleporting into the Parade from Alpha Centauri and won’t arrive until Friday. Can my Subkrewe Captain/Friend/Mother/Droid Butler pick up my wristband?

Wristbands can be picked up at Castillo Blanco (4321 St. Claude) the week before the parade Jan 30th through Feb 1st, 4-9pm and parade day at the starting point of the line up, before we roll. *IKOC Merch will also be available for purchase* NO PICK UP ON FRIDAY

You may have someone else sign for your wristband so that you can avoid the crush of picking yours up Parade Day. ONCE YOUR DROID COLLAR LEAVES OUR CUSTODY, YOU/YOUR FRIEND/YOUR DROID BUTLER ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT. Guard it as you would guard your most valuable possession because come Parade Day, IT IS!

  When and where is the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus parade?

  Chewbacchus rolls Feburary 3rd 2018 at 7pm! during prime time Carnival season thru the streets of New Orleans, LA, USA, N. America, Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy. For route specifics, please GROK THIS MAP.

Sub-krewe Capos should see their email for early lineup times. General lineup beings at 5:00pm on Press St between St. Claude and the river, railroad side. Look for the signs corresponding to your lineup number. Anybody who doesn’t have a lineup number should check-in at the Lineup Station.

Let’s show our Press Street Community the true Spirit of the Wook in remembering to lineup on the railroad side of the street (keeping one side open), to use the provided portolets, and to leave no trace of debris, space or otherwise, at lineup.

  I don’t understand the whole Mystic Krewe of P.U.E.W.C. thing. Isn’t Chewbacchus a Science Fiction themed parade? Am I missing something important here?

  Why, Yes. Yes you are. Science Fiction and Fantasy are two sides of the same coin. And if you throw in Horror… well, then you’ve got some weird three-sided conceptual coin. The point is… Chewbacchus is a Science Fiction themed parade organization BUT we all love Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter, and lots of other nerdy/geeky/dorky but not strictly “Sci Fi” stuff.

The Mystic Krewe of P.U.E.W.C. exists to allow ALL of FANDOM to enjoy the blessings of the Sacred Drunken Wookiee and take part in the fun. P.U.E.W.C. is just Chewbacchus wearing a different silly hat and telling itself meta-jokes.

  There are a million parade contingents in Chewbacchus! I don’t know whether to join the Krewe of Chewbacchus proper, P.U.E.W.C., Krewe of the Living Dead, or Krewe du Who, etc. etc. etc.? I’m so confused?! Do I need to be in a sub-krewe?!?!

  The answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42.

Everybody kicks in $42 and gets access to the general supplies/builds/space at the den, the Bar2D2 and other keg-bearing contraptions during the parade, and entry to the Chewbacchanal. We’re all onboard the same Chewbacchus Mothership. Chewbacchus is a multi-headed hydra of fandom and awesomeness. We are all one under the banner of the Sacred Drunken Wookiee.

Only about 20% of the marchers in the IKoC Parade are affiliated with any type of cohesive group AKA “sub-krewe” in any capacity. MOST of the Chewbacchus Parade is made up of individuals, couples and small groups of friends who show up in costume and roll.

  Why do I need a Droid Collar?

  The Droid Collar (aka wrist band) allows you to march in the parade AND it is your ticket to discounts and special treatment for the Chewbacchanals.

  What happens if I don’t get a Droid Collar or lose it?

  You are completely fucked and we will keep your money and drink your beer and we will sacrifice you to the Space Gods. You will not be allowed to parade with us or permitted to enter the Chewbacchanal without a wristband. And if you complain about it we will airlock you.

  What if I’m bringing a homemade float or art bicycle or parade contraption?

  That’s awesome and we love you. Your contraption will most assuredly be assimilated into the parade. Resistance is relatively futile… If you submitted a Line-up Request because you planned ahead and your Krewe loves you for it, you can find out your position on the Line-Up page. Otherwise, you will be assigned a place in the line-up ON THE DAY OF THE PARADE (especially if your “Thing” is noisy/musical), but we need to know what you are bringing ahead of time, its space needs, and any other special contingencies so submit a Lineup Request to the Lineup Coordinators. (NOTE: Line-up Requests are NOW CLOSED!) Failure to do so may result in airlocking, vaporization or a one-way trip for you and your Krewe to the far reaches of this galaxy. The Parade is going to be big this year and there are a lot of logistics. Help your Overlords make the Parade run smoothly by letting us know who you are and what you are bringing. Be sure to go read our Advice on Contraption Construction NOW.

  Can I park near the parade?

  Good Luck. Parking during Carnival is always a challenge of epic proportions. DO NOT park on the neutral ground. DO NOT park along the parade route as cars WILL BE TOWED. DO NOT park on the Street Car lines as your car will be exterminated. Arranging alternative transportation, such as a cab or teleporter is a better idea.

  I want to bring my dog, mountain goat, tiger, bantha, etc. Is that cool?

We love our Earth-bound creatures, please leave them at home on parade night.

  I want to drop my kid off at the parade and use Chewbacchus like a babysitting service. Is this ok?

  Absolutely NOT. We do not allow ANY unaccompanied minors to participate in the Chewbacchus parade. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent/ legal guardian and must remain within close proximity (20ft) at ALL times.

  Should I get as drunk as a Tusgan Raider in the Mos Eisley Cantina before the parade?

  If you pass out at the pre-parade check-in we will mock you for all of eternity and put your picture in the Hall of Shame after you’ve thrown up on yourself. Drink plenty of water and make sure you have something to eat. Don’t over indulge early or you won’t enjoy yourself for the march and you’ll end up melting into a puddle of gooey cosmic debris.

  What should I bring to throw?

  Chewbacchus has a DIY throw policy. We are not going to provide you with a boatload of cheap plastic garbage to litter the streets with. It’s not how we roll. We believe that one single handmade Chewbacchus throw is BETTER than an entire truckload of junk that nobody really wants anyway.

You can build basically whatever you want to throw… However, don’t bring more than you can physically carry… Nope. Stop it. Shhhh…. Quit asking. Just don’t do it. Quality NOT Quantity, people. Just choose your recipients carefully and make your throws count.

  Can I store throws and other personal items on the Bar2D2 or in the cab of the Falcon, or like can you watch my purse and coat for just like 5 minutes?

  Nope. No way. No. Wait… let me think about it… NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT.

  Will I be able to get my non-Chewbacchus friends into the Chewbacchanal?

Yes, with all our mini-Chewbacchanals this year, your friends can accompany you at no cost. We look forward to seeing how everyone honors our Sacred Drunken Wookiee.

  It’s Carnival Time in New Orleans! Whoo Hoo! Im gonna throw my trash on the ground like a goddamn barbarian! Totally cool, right?

  No. It’s not cool. We don’t actually have droids to clean up after ourselves in the neighborhoods we parade through. Please be mindful that we pass in front of peoples’ homes and dispose of your trash in an environmentally respectful manner. Trash mitigation is a MAJOR issue. To that end…

  1. Chewbacchus coordinates disposable trash cans with ALL of the bars/venues on the route to mitigate the trash generated outside their venues by the MASSIVE crowds of spectators/bar patrons who come to see our parade. Use these trash cans.
  2. WE (as a Krewe) make a concerted effort to not generate any debris internally. Everyone needs to take care of their own trash. Put a trashcan on your contraptions to contain your trash and use it.
  3. Try and avoid doing things that generate unnecessary waste. Plastic bagged throws is EASY low hanging fruit… though it is the absolutely smallest component of the trash issue. But we do our best to help mitigate ALL types of trash on EVERY level.
  4. Major Trash Issues = Beer Cans, Go Cups, Food Wrappers.


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