Overlords and The OverBoard

IKoC leadership is composed of the Overlords who direct the overall activities of the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus and an OverBoard that handles high-level logistics and krewe operations.

If you have questions regarding Chewbacchus operations, please transmit your request to us via the Contact Form.

Brooke Ethridge: Overlord Padme Almandine, Functional Force Mistress, Wrangler of Mooncats

Richard Riggs: Overlord Dr. Rotwang Caligari Strangelover Cryptozoologist, Ufologist, Conspiracy String Theorist, Mutant Community Outreach Ambassador, High Priest- Sacred Order of the Chewluminati (42nd degree), Interdimensional Contraption Engineering, Professor of De-Volutionary Sciences

Aryanna Gamble: Overlord, Space Goddess Snackagawea, First of Her Name, Baker of Grains, Mother of Scruffy Nerfherders

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